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We provide Integrated Technical Expertise in Wool Production, Harvesting, Marketing, Course Design, In-Field Teaching, Instructor Training and Applied Practical Knowledge.

The majority of the world's poorest people live in rural areas as subsistence farmers. Lacking income and resources, these farmers need technical assistance to improve their sheep farming practices and their livelihoods.

Experience in South Africa - Eastern Cape

ShearingSheep.com has worked in partnership, within the existing infrastructure of the South African Agricultural Sector Education Training Authority (AgriSETA) and accredited service supplier National Wool Growers Association (NWGA).

Our technical expertise is transferred by mentoring NWGA Shearing Instructors and Production Advisors, in field with emerging (subsistence) farmers, shearers and wool handlers in remote, rural areas.

This knowledge is sustained by posters designed and distributed throughout the region by ShearingSheep.com

Integrated Farmer Knowledge

Improved blade shearing and wool handling skills has an immediate increase on wool prices
received by the subsistence farmers and the communal Wool Grower Associations.

Improved presentation for the sale of wool by auction requires that
wool is presented to international standards.

Improved livestock increases the quantity and quality of the wool produced per sheep.

Adaptated and supplied low cost equipment for permanent use by shearers and farmers.
Included mentoring in the use and maintenance of manual grindstones and equipment kits.


Improved bale weight reduces transportation and wool sale costs. This is achieved by designing and engineering a robust manual woolpress able to compact wool to the international standard weight of 180kg per bale.

100kg 130kg 180kg

This partnership has achieved Sustained Economic Growth based on increased export earnings generated from the improved sale of wool within remote impoverished WGA communities.


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